FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) about Ganagapur Temple / Dattatreya Mandir
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In order to help devotees to get short one line answers to some frequently asked queries regarding Ganagapur Sri Datta Temple we have listed out some of the important Queries

Q : What are the Timings of Sri Dattatreya Temple at Ganagapur ?
A : Sri Dattatreya Temple is open for Darshan Daily from 3am to 9pm whole day and Puja timings are from 7am to 2pm when Sevas like Paduka Puja and Abhishek are performed.
Q : Which are the Main Places to visit at Ganagapur Kshetra ?
A : Must Visit places are
1) Nirgun Math Dattatreya Temple,
2) Sangam River and Datta Temple,
3) Kalleshwar and Shanaishwar Temple.
Other than these there are many other places details about which can be read in our Places to Visit Page.
Q : Which is the Nearest Railway Station & Airport to Ganagapur Temple ?
A : Ganagapur Road Railway Station (GUR) and Kalaburagi Junction (KLBG) are the nearest railway stations at a distance of 22kms and 40kms respectively. Gulbarga / Kalaburagi Airport (GBI) is the nearest domestic airport located at a distance of 55 kms from Ganagapur Temple.
Q : Is Temple Accommodation (rooms like Bhakta Niwas) available at Ganagapur ?
A : As of now there are only few very old Dharmashalas under Temple ownership with basic facilities only. But many decent lodgings have come up with deluxe & luxury rooms which can be booked through us.
Q : Is there any Online Live Darshan / Puja Facility for Ganagapur Sri Dattatreya Temple?
A : No, there is no such facility provided by the temple as of now. But One can request for Online Puja Sevas and get them performed on their behalf through us. Please visit Online Puja section for details.
Q : Is there Facility of Maha Prasadam (Lunch) at Ganagapur Kshetra ?
A : In Ganagapur there is an age old tradition of begging Madhukari Bhiksha at 12 Noon. So there is only Madhukari Anndamam conducted and devotees can take Bhiksha Prasadam from minimum 5 house as a part of Ganagapur Yatra Vidhi. In case devotees need Lunch arrangement at home they should inform their Upadhyay Guruji in advance.
Q : How much time is required for Darshan / Puja at Temple ?
A : Crowd Pattern at Ganagapur Temple is very uneven. So in normal days devotees get Darshan max within half an hour by Dharma Darshan Queue. But during Consecutive Public Holidays / every Pournima / Festivals it takes much more time anywhere between 2 to 5 hours.
Q : How to book Darshan Pass / Puja at Ganagapur temple ?
A : Being the hereditary Main Priests of the temple we can arrange for any kind of Puja / Sevas and accommodation for devotees who inform us in advance.
Q : Is there Wheel Chair Facility provided by Temple ?
A : Yes. Devotees can collect Wheelchair from the Committee office located just at the entrance of Temple beside Mahadwar (Gopuram).
Q : Are problems caused by Evil Spirits / Black magic resolved by visiting Sri Dattatreya Temple at Ganagapur ?
A : Ganagapur Kshetra is a Siddha Bhumi due to the eternal presence of Sri Dattatreya Swami in the form of Nirguna Padukas. In Adhyay 20 and 23 of Sri Guru Charitra we read how Sri Guru rescued his devotees from Evil Spirit and Brahma Rakshasa respectively. Many devotees have experienced complete relief from Problems like Bhoot Pischach Badha / Black Magic just by Datta Darshan at Ganagapur. Some people however will have to stay for few days and do seva kainkarya like Daily Sangam / Ashta Teerth Snan, Audumbar & Temple Pradakshina, attending Trikala Aarti, Abhishekam etc to get permanent relief.

Devotees need to understand one special point here that there is NO particular person who exorcises (drive out) evil spirits at the temple, all that Works such wonders here is purely due to the Will of Sri Guru Narasimha Saraswati Maharaj only.
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