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Kartik Pournima at Ganagapur Temple
Kartika / Tripurari Pournima is celebrated as a festival because it was on this day on that the Demon Tripura who had conquered all the 3 Lokas was Killed by Lord Shiva. And hence it is also known as Deva-Deepawali. Kartika Snan and Dana are both famous and considered very auspicious. Kartika Snan literally means taking bath in a river before sunrise when the stars are still visible. Sankalpa and Arghya needs to be done. Duration considered for Kartika Snan is 30 days from Ashvina Pournima to Kartika Pournima. It is also believed that by doing Kartika Masa Deepa Dana one gets good health, wealth and prosperity.

The celebration at Ganagapur has got an additional reason which can be seen in the 47th Adhyay of Shri Guru Charitra. Once while Shri Guru was at Ganagapur, there arrived the festival of Deepavali and many devotees from seven nearby Villages came to Math and invited Shri Guru to visit their Village on festival day. All of them were adamant that Shri Guru should visit their village only. Maharaj then decided to satisfy all of them and called each one of them and assured that he shall be visiting their village only. On the Naraka Chaturdashi day, Shri Guru assumed 8 forms (Ashta Roopa) and visited each of them and also stayed at Ganagapur. Later during the Kartika Pournima, all those devotees gathered again at the Math to perform Kartika Deeparadhana and all of them were wonderstruck after realizing that Shri Guru had actually visited all of them by assuming 8 forms. The occasion was celebrated by them like a festival and this continues till this very day.
On the First day of the Utsav (Poornima Day), the Palakhi of Shri Guru leaves Temple at around 12pm and is taken to Sangam Temple along with a company of thousands of devotees who perform various bhajans and Nama Ghosh all the way. All visiting devotees are allowed to have Palakhi Darshan till 10pm. The whole of Sangam kshetra will be decorated with various kinds of flowers and Deepams will be lit everywhere including the banks of River Bhima in front of Temple. In the night at around 9pm the Mangal Aarti starts at sangam temple and continues for a complete hour after which at 10pm the Palakhi leaves from Sangam. It reaches Nirgun Math in Mid Night at around 12.30. All the way through Special Bhajans are done in front of the Palakhi. Once palakhi enters the village, all the gathered womens of the village start offering Aarti to Shri Datta Guru. All the mathas and private ashrams which are located on the enroute sangam invite Shri Guru with special Rangolis and flower decoration on the way through which the Palakhi passes.

On the Second day (Kartika Krishna Pratipada), the Palakhi leaves Nirgun Math Temple at around 1.30pm and is taken to Sangam where programs are held same as previous day.The Day is marked with its ancient celebration by way of Vana Bhojana. All the villagers including priests families carry their home cooked special food items to Sangam, exchange and partake the food on the banks of river bhima and thus its called "Vana-bhojan". In the evening, Ashta Vadhana Seva to Datta Guru is held by all the Brahma Vrunda in front of Palakhi and at 8pm the Mangala Aarti starts which continues for 2 hours and at around 10pm the Palakhi heads back towards the temple. Upon reaching village entrance, the thrilled villagers perform dances, dandiya and special bhajans also. The Villagers come out in the mid night to offer Aarti to the Datta Guru and then Finally Palakhi reaches Nirgun Math at around 5.30am after which the usual daily schedule starts with the Morning Pooja after a break of just half an hour. The entire festival is a very ancient one and showcases the Traditional Glory of Sri Kshetra Ganagapur. One has to be really a blessed soul to witness such festivals of Gangapur.

Complete Kartika Masa Deeparadhana, Deepa Dana, Kartika Somavaar Rudrabhishek and Nitya Annadanam can be performed during these festive days.
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