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Diwali Ashta Teerth at Ganagapur
Deepawali, which generally falls in the month of October, is a festival that is celebrated very grandly all over India. The day prior to Deepawali, called Naraka Chaturdasi (Ashwina Krishna Chaturdasi day) , is specially very important for Gangapur kshetra as it was on this day that Sri Narasimha Saraswati Maharaj assumed 8 forms (Ashta Roopa Dharan, Ref. Adhyay 47 of Sri Guru Charitra) and visited houses of 7 of his disciples and also stayed at Nirgun Math at same time. Also it was on this day that Dattatreya Swami first pointed out the location of Ashta Teerthas which are spread around Ganagapur village (Ref. Adhyay 49). Special Ritualistic worship and Keshara Lepana is done to Swamis Padukas. In the morning, a Dindi (Holy Dandam) representing Shri Narasimha Saraswathi Maharaj is taken for Punya Snan (Holy Bath) in the Ashta Tirthas of Ganagapur along with all the visiting devotees. The Devotees start by having a Holy Dip at Shatakula Teerth at Sangam and then Narasimha / Manorath Teerth, Bhagirathi Teerth, Papa Vinashi Teerth, Koti Teerth, Rudrapada Teerth, Chakra Teerth and finally at the Manmatha Teerth near Kalleshwar.

Bhiksha Vandanam and Akhanda Deeparadhana during Deepawali are considered very auspicious.
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