Phala Shruti or Benefits of reading Shri Guru Charitras all 52 Adhyays
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Phala Shruti or Benefits of reading Shri Guru Charitras all 52 Adhyays

Shri Guru Charitra is said to be like Kalpataru for all Datta Bhaktas which fulfills all their wishes in this Kali Yuga. Many people have experienced the same by way of doing Guru Charitra Parayan with any of their desire as Sankalpam. There are particular Adhyays in Sri Guru Charitra for any particular Problem / wish. By devotedly reading them on Daily Basis all such problems are resolved by Shri Datta Gurus Grace. In order to make it easy to identify which Adhyay / Chapter is to be read for what problem / wish, a Complete list with Phala Shruti for all 52 Adhyays is given below :-

Phala Shruti of Shri Guru Charitra :-
(Benefits of Reading each Adhyay of Shri Guru Charitra)

Adhyay 1 :- Those who desire for a Sadguru gets him soon by reading this Adhyay.
Adhyay 2 :- One will get Gurus blessings for Spiritual Advancement.
Adhyay 3 :- One gets Darshan of Dasha Avatar by devoted reading of this chapter.
Adhyay 4 :- Trimurti Darshan can be attained.
Adhyay 5 :- For Sad Santan Prapti who will be righteous and courageous.
Adhyay 6 :- For developing Pure devotion towards God (eg. Lord Shiva).
Adhyay 7 :- Attainment of Lord Shivas abode (Kailasa Pada).
Adhyay 8 :- Even Dull witted Son shall become a Knowledgeable Person.
Adhyay 9 :- One gets Raja Yoga (Financial and Political Upliftment) by repeated reading of this Chapter.
Adhyay 10 :- One can get rid of Negativity and prosper in Business / Profession.
Adhyay 11 :- Gets blessed with a Son who shall become a Great Teacher for Humanity.
Adhyay 12 :- One can develop Detachment (Vairagya) and advance spiritually.
Adhyay 13 :- Ailments like Stomach ache and other Health related issues are resolved.
Adhyay 14 :- Employment / Job related problems are resolved by reading this.
Adhyay 15 :- One gets favourable chances for Teertha Yatras (Pilgrimages).
Adhyay 16 :- Pure Devotion to Guru can be developed and Also Eye related diseases can be solved.
Adhyay 17 :- Any person however dull he might be can become a very Intelligent and Learned person.
Adhyay 18 :- Reading of this Adhyay ensures Financial Wellbeing and Daridra Nasha.
Adhyay 19 :- By reading this Adhyay One gets 64 Vidya's by the blessings of the 64 Yoginis.
Adhyay 20 & 21 :- One gets blessed with Offsprings with Long Life. (Santan Prapti with Deergha Ayushya).
Adhyay 22 :- All Negativity is burnt off with Guru Kripa and person is blessed with Bliss.
Adhyay 23 :- Problems caused by Evil Spirits / Black Magic are resolved. (Remedy for Bhoota Pishacha Badha).
Adhyay 24 :- Ones Individual Ego is crushed and supremacy of God is realised.
Adhyay 25 & 26 :- One who is desirous of acquiring Vedic Knowledge can grasp them easily by devotedly reading this Chapter.
Adhyay 27 & 28 :- Even a Foolish Person can become very learned.
Adhyay 29 :- Attainment of Shiva Sayujya (Moksha).
Adhyay 30, 31 & 32 :- Ensures Good Health and Long Life of Husband.
Adhyay 33 :- Gives Raja Bhoga and also Moksha after life.
Adhyay 34 :- For attaining Long Life by Lord Shivas blessings.
Adhyay 35 :- For Financial Wellbeing and also Long Life of Husband.
Adhyay 36 & 37 :- One attains Brahma Jnana by practicing Austerities and disciplines mentioned.
Adhyay 38 :- One gets Religious Merit which is obtained by performing Annadan to 4,000 Brahmins.
Adhyay 39 :- By reading this Adhyay even Childless women can beget Children (Santan Prapti).
Adhyay 40 :- Skin diseses are resolved by repeated reading of this Adhyay.
Adhyay 41 :- One can attain Firm and Pure Devotion towards Guru.
Adhyay 42 :- One gets merit of performing Kashi Yatra.
Adhyay 43 :- Ones ego is crushed and Pure Devotion towards God is attained.
Adhyay 44 :- One gets Shrishailya Yatra Yoga and realisation that Guru is indeed God in human form.
Adhyay 45 :- Skin disease like Leprosy are cured.
Adhyay 46 :- One attains vision (Darshan) of Shri Guru.
Adhyay 47 :- One gets blessings of Shri Guru and all confusion realted to Guru Tattva are resolved.
Adhyay 48 :- One gets Multiple Rewards like the farmer gets huge yield of crops.
Adhyay 49 :- One gets Ganagapur Kshetra Yatra Yoga and all sins are absolved.
Adhyay 50 :- All types of Health Ailments are resolved and one gets firm Devotion towards Guru.
Adhyay 51 & 52 :- Guru Bhakti is attained and one is blessed with all 4 Purusharthas viz Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.
Adhyay 53 :- By reading Avatarnika on Daily Basis one gets Merit of reading Sri Guru Charitra daily as one recollects all Leelas of Shri Guru while reading.
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