Places around Ganagapur / Nearby Dattatreya Temples and other Kshetras
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Itagi (Yellamma Temple)

It is just 2 kms away from Ganagapur on the other side of the Bhima River. Located here are Yellamma Temple and Chidanand Swami Samadhi. The Swami was a 20th Century Saint who lived in Ganagapur.

Kadaganchi (Sayamdeos Village)

Kadaganchi is the hometown of Sri Saraswati Gangadhar who is the writer of Shri Guru Charitra and also great grandson of Sri Sayamdeo who was one of the Close and Direct Disciple of Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati. In the 14th Adhay of Guru Charitra we see how Shri Guru while staying at Basar saves Sayamdeo from being killed at the hands of a Muslim Ruler and blesses him that his family and descendants shall always remain devoted to Shri Guru and Ganagapur. Then Sayamdeo is asked to leave service of that ruler and return to his Native Village Kadaganchi. Sayamdeo leaves his family at Kadaganchi and himself comes to Ganagapur for Shri Guru’s Seva.

Kadaganchi is located at a distance of around 50 kms from Ganagapur Kshetra and the route Is via Chawdapur and Ganagapur Road Railway Station.

Lad – Chincholi (Shridhara Swami Janma Sthan)

Lad-Chincholi is the birth place of Bhagavan Sri Shridhara Swami Maharaj. A small Temple is built in the place of a Wada where Swami maharaj took birth and a beautiful Statue of Shridhara Swami Maharaj is installed there. The Temple is owned and managed by the Varadahalli Shridhara Ashram only.

Lad Chincholi is located at a distance of 10kms from Kadaganchi and 60kms from Ganagapur.

Kumasi / Kumashigi (Vishwaroopa Sthan)

Kumasi can definitely be said as one of the Blessed land where Sri Narasimha Saraswati Datta Maharaj showed his Vishwaroopa to the Sage Trivikrama Bharati. One can visit the Shiva Temple which is believed to be the Place where Sri Trivikrama Bharati used to perform Manas Puja to Lord Narasimha. Vishwaroopa Kshetram, the place where Shri Guru showed his Universal form and also the Samadhi of the Sage Trivikrama Bharati is located on the banks of River Bhima.

Kumasi is at a distance of 45kms from Ganagapur Temple and road route is via Chowdapur, Afzalpur, Devangaon (Left Turn near Bus Stop) and then Kumashigi.

Hippargi (Kalleshwara Temple)

Hippargi village (Now Hipperga S. Nelogi) is mentioned in the 46th Adhyay of Sri Guru Charitra wherein the story of how Poet Narakesari Brahman became a disciple of Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati is narrated. Though Narakesari was a great Shiva Bhakta, he didn’t believe in the Divinity of Shri Guru and denied composing poems in praise of Sri Guru when requested by villagers. Once when he was in Puja he fell asleep and dreamt that he was worshipping Shri Guru who was sitting over the Shiva Lingam. He realized his mistake and fell at the Holy feet of Sri Guru who had come there upon a request by some devotee.

Hippargi Kalleshwara Temple is located at a distance of 40 kms from Ganagapur Sri Dattatreya Temple and 25 kms from its Taluka Place Jevargi (Dist. Gulbarga). The Route from Ganagapur is via Jeratagi, Mandewal (right turn after 5kms), then Hippargi Temple.

Ghattaragi (Bhagyawanti Devi Temple)

Ghattaragi, famous for its Temple to Goddess Bhagyavanti or Bhagamma, is located in Afzalpur Taluka of Gulbarga District. As per the Legend, after the collapse of Vijayanagara Kingdom, their family deity Sri Bhuvaneshwari Devi came to the Banks of Bhima River in the form of a Pillar through Tunghabhadra and Krishna Rivers. She appeared in the dreams of the villagers and ordered them to build a Temple for her at Ghattargi Village. After building the Temple she brought a lot of fortune to the village and hence she came to be known as Bhagyavanti Devi.

Ghattaragi is around 35 kms away form Ganagapur and the route is via Afzalpur, Banhatti, Ingalgi then Ghattarga.

Sannati (Chandrala Parameshwari Temple)

Sannati is a small village located on the banks of river Bhimain Chitapur Taluka of Gulbarga Distict. Padukas which were brought from Hongunti Hingulambika temple are worshipped here. There is also a Sri Chakra present inside the Garbha Gudi. It is an ancient temple dedicated to Sri Laxmi Chandralamba Parameshwari. Temples to Goddess Durga and Saraswati are also located in the same complex.

Sannati Temple is situated at a distance of around 110 kms from Ganagapur Kshetra and the road route is via Jeratgi, Jevargi,Chigaralli, Sirwal and then reach Sannati after crossing bridge.

Manik Nagar (Manik Prabhu Samadhi Sthan)

Manik Nagar is a small village located 3.5 kms away from Humnabad City in Bidar District of Karnataka. It is famous for the Samadhi Temple of 19th Century Saint Sri Manik Prabhu who is also believed to be an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya by many devotees. He took Sanjeevan Samadhi at Manik Nagar in 1865 A.D

Manik Nagar is around 110 kms away from Ganagapur and the route is via Gulbarga, Awrad(B), Mahagaon Cross, Hallikhed K and then Manik Nagar.

Malkhed (Sri Jayateerth Brindavan)

Malkhed is a town on the Banks of Kagina River in Sedam Taluka of Gulbarga District in Karnataka. It is famous for its Uttaradi Math of the Dwaita School of Vedanta of Sriman Madhvacharya. The Moola Brindavana of one of its most prominent Saint Sri Jayatirtha (Sri Teekacharya) is located here.

It Is located at a distance of 82 kms from Ganagapur Kshetra and route is via Gulbarga, Srinivas Saradgi then Malkhed.

Akkalkot (Swami Samarth Kshetra)

Akkalkot is a Holy place of Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj who lived there for around 22 years. It is located at a distance of 42 kms from Solapur. The Saint is believed to be 3rd Avatara of Lord Dattatraya. Must visit places are Vat Vruksha Mandir, the Math where Sri Swami Samarth stayed and Samadhi Math, which is actually ancestral house of his disciple Cholappa, where we find Swamis Samadhi.

Akkalkot is just 70 kms away from Ganagapur and the road route is Ganagapur, Chowdapur, Afzalpur, Maindargi and then Akkalkot.

Tuljapur (Amba Bhavani Temple)

Tuljapur is a Temple town located in Osmanabad District of Maharashtra which is famous for its Tulja Bhavani Temple. It was the family diety of the Bhosale Clan to which Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj belonged. The Goddess Bhavani is the Kula Devata for many families belonging to Maharashtra, Karnataka etc.

Tuljapur is at a distance of around 155 kms from Ganagapur Kshetra and the route for travelling by road is via Chowdapur, Afzalpur, Akkalkot, Solapur, Tamalwadi and then Tuljapur.

Pandharpur (Sri Vitthal Rukmini Temple)

It is a Famous Holy Place located on the Banks of river Bhima in the Solapur District of Maharashtra. The town is noted for its temple to Lord Vitthal and Mata Rukmini. Many prominent saints like Sant Dnyaneshwar, Sant Namdev, Sant Tukaram, Sant Eknath etc were extremely devoted to Lord Vitthal and have composed many Abhangs in praise of Teerth Kshetra Pandharpur.

Pandharpur is at around 185 kms of distance from Ganagapur Kshetra and the route by road is via Chowdapur, Afzalpur, Akkalkot, Solapur, Mohol and finally Pandharpur.
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