Places to Visit in Ganagapur Kshetra, Dattatreya Temple, Sangam Bhima River, Kalleshwar Shanaishwar Temple
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Nirgun Math Datta Darshan Ganagapur

Nirgun Math Sri Dattatreya Temple (Karma Sthan)

Generally whenever people speak of Ganagapur they visualize Trimurti form of Lord Dattatreya. But it is to be noted that Sri Kshetra Ganagapur is infact the Tapo Bhumi of Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati Maharaj who is considered 2nd Avatara of Shri Guru Dattatreya. Shri Narasimha Saraswati Maharaj was ordained into the Holy Sanyasa Ashrama under the Dashanami Tradition established by Sri Adi Shankaracharya at a tender age of 8 years. Shri Guru after travelling the length and breadth of our Bharata Varsha finally came to Ganagapur (then Gandharvapura) in 1434 AD (approx) and settled down here for next 25 years of his earthly sojourn.

The Matham where Shri Guru stayed for 25 years is called Nirguna Math what we call today as Sri Dattatreya Temple. It came to be known as Nirgun Math because Shri Guru assured his devotees that he shall stay there forever in his Nirguna Aspect. While proceeding to Shrishailyam for his Avatar Samapti Shri Guru kept his Nirguna Padukas at Nirgun Math which are the main attraction and reason behind the extreme holiness of Ganagapur Kshetra. Nirguna Padukas are called so because they don’t have any Guna (Attribute) or Akara (Form) unlike others like Shila Paduka, Wooden Paduka etc. Nirgun Math is known as Karma Sthan of Ganagapur.

Chintamani Ganapati

Chintamani Ganapati is located just opposite to the Doors of Garbha Gudi. The diety was installed by Shri Guru himself just before proceeding to Shrishailyam. Sri Chintamani Ganapati is also offered Trikala Puja and Aarti along with Lord Dattatreya. He fulfills all the wishes of Devotees whatever they think of before him.

Ashwattha Tree at Nirgun Math

It is located inside the Nirgun Math Temple premises at the Right side of the Inner Temple. The history of this Ashwattha Tree can be seen in 23rd Adhyay (chapter) of Shri Guru Charitra.

Importance of Ashwattha Tree and its worship is explained in great detail in the 39th Adhyay of Shri Guru Charitra- wherein a 60 Year Old Women begets Children by Worshipping Ashwattha tree at the Bhima Amarja Sangam as directed by Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati.

Bhima-Amarja Sangam Kshetra & Anushthan Temple

Located at a distance of 3kms from Ganagapur there is a confluence of Bhima and Amarja Rivers. Shri Guru himself has said in Guru Charitra that Sangam place is as holy as Triveni Sangam at Prayaga. Proper Ghats have been constructed here to facilitate Holy Bath for visiting pilgrims. Sangam Kshetra is infact the very first place where Shri Guru set his holy foot on arriving to the Ganagapur Kshetra.

Shri Guru used to perform his Pratahkal Snan at this Bhima Amarja Sangam Kshetra and remain in Anushthan (Tapasya) seated below Ashwath Tree till Noon 12 after which he would be returning to Matham for Bhiksha. A beautiful temple of Lord Dattatreya stands today at the place of Ashwath Tree which was wiped out in some floods many years before. Even here we can have Trimurti Roopa Mahapuja Darshan of Dattatreya and just below it we find Moola peetha with a Shiva Linga, Shila Padukas and Nag Devata. This Temple timing is 4.30am to 8.30pm but the Moola Shila Padukas and Shiva Lingam can be seen only before Maha Naivedya (around 12pm) after which they will be covered in Vastra and Pushpa Alankara.
Sangameshwara at Sangam Temple Ganagapur

Sangameshwara Temple

This is located just behind Sangam Datta Temple. Dedicated to Lord Shiv this temple is also one of the oldest temple at Ganagapur as it is there since the time of Shri Guru. In Shri Guru Charitra it has been compared to Jyotirlinga Shrishailya Mallikarjun.

Audumbar Tree

The tree is located just beside the point of confluence of Bhima and Amarja Rivers. We find many Devotees coming from distant places performing Sri Guru Charitra Parayan under the shade of Audumbar Tree for 3 / 7 days while staying nearby with basic needs only.

History of the origin of the Tree can be found in 40th Adhyay of Sri Guru Charitra. Narahari a Brahmin suffering from Leprosy visits Shri Guru for remedy. Shri Guru, in order to test his Guru Bhakti, gives him a dry wood stick of Audumbar Tree and asks him to plant it near Sangam and water it 3 times a day with complete fasting. Shri Guru assures him that the day when it sprouts green will be the end of his sufferings. The brahmin does as asked with complete faith and one day Shri Guru impressed by his unflinching devotion Sprinkles the Holy Water from his Kamandalu to the Log and lo it Sprouted Green and the Leprosy of the brahmin disappeared. Then Narhari overcome by devotion bows to Shri Guru and composes 8 shlokas (now known as Sri Narasimha Saraswati Ashtakam) which are being chanted at Ganagapur Temple till today during Evening Aarti.
Audumbar Tree Sangam Ganagapur
Bhasma Dongar Ash Hill at Ganagapur

Bhasma Sthan (Ash Hill)

The Ash Hill is very near to Sangam Temple and is adjacent to the Main Road. It is said that this Bhasma of Ganagapur Kshetra has miraculous powers when used with complete faith.

We read in Puranas that Lord Parashuram in order to avenge his father's death roamed entire earth 21 times and killed all cruel Kshatriyas. In order to cleanse himself from this Sin he approached his Guru Lord Dattatreya who made him perform a Yagnya at Ganagapur and the Ash here is if that holy Yagnya. Devotees visiting Ganagapur carry some bhasmam from here with them as prasadam. Importance of Bhasma Dharan (applying) has been explained greatly in Adhyay 28th and 29th of Shri Guru Charitra.

Kalleshwara and Shanaishwara Temple

This place is within 1km from Main Temple and can be reached by walk. Located Amidst the Lush green Farms of Ganagapur it soon becomes a favourite spot for visitors.

The oldest temple of Ganagapur dedicated to Lord Shiva known as Kalleshwar, Pancha Mukhi Ganesh Temple, Navagruha, Swayambhu Sri Shanaishwara Temple, Durga Temple etc are all located here within same complex. In Guru Charitra Kalleshwara temple has been compared to Lord Mahabaleshwara of Gokarna. It is believed to be the earlier entry point to the village and the dirty was Grama Devata during ancient time. Manmatha Teerth which is the last one among the Ashta Teerthas is located nearby.
Shani Mandir Ganagapur

Swayambhu Shanaishwara

Swayambhu Shanaishwara (Self Originated) here is said to be more than 600 Years old and both Kalleshwara and Shanaishwara Temples were present even before Arrival of Shri Guru to Ganagapur.

Vishranti Katta

The place is located on the inner route to Sangam. It is here where Shri Guru used to Rest for a while on his way to Sangam. It is in the Farm of the Farmer whom Shri Guru blesses with Huge Yield of Crops even in the Scarcity and the Same can be read even today in Adhyay 48th of Shri Guru Charitra.

Shri Keshav Dev Temple and Chakreshwar Mandir

Keshav Dev temples too is one of the Ancient temple in Ganagapur which is said to have existed since the time of Shri Gurus stay at Ganagapur. Chakreshwar Temple is also a ancient Temple to Lord Shiva and is renovated recently. Both these temples are just beside the Chakra Teerth and are very near to Datta Temple.
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