Pujas and Online Seva Booking at Ganagapur Dattatreya Temple, Annadanam, Abhishekam, Madhukari Bhiksha and Paduka Puja
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Suvarna Paduka Puja at Ganagapur Temple

Paduka Puja (Timing 7am to 12pm & 1pm to 2pm)

Just as a Shiva Linga represents Lord Siva, a Saligrama represents Lord Vishnu, in the same way, the Padukas (sandals) of the Guru represent to the student not the sandals, but the concept behind. What we are invoking is Brahman, the Lord. But we cannot directly go to Him. We want a symbol. And in Datta Sampradaya there is no symbol more sacred than the Padukas of Datta Guru himself.

Nirgun Paduka Puja is performed by the Hereditary Priests (Pujari / Pandits) only. Suvarna Paduka Puja can be performed by Visiting Pilgrims. The devotees Performing this Seva can offer flowers to Suvarna Padukas of Lord Dattatreya and perform Aarti. A coconut blessed with the touch of Padukas will be given as prasadam to this Seva Kartas.

Maha Puja Seva (Timing 7am to 12pm & 1pm to 2pm)

In this Seva the devotees gets an opportunity to sit in front of the Garbhalay Doors, perform Sankalpam and Suvarna Paduka Puja as mentioned above and also gets to do Ksheer (Milk) Abhishekam to the Spathika Lingam which was kept at the Nirgun Math Temple by Sri Narasimha Saraswati Swami Maharaj himself.
Mahapuja at Ganagapur Temple
Nirguna Paduka Puja at Ganagapur Temple

Keshara Lepana Seva to Nirgun Padukas

This Seva is unique to Ganagapur Dattatreya Temple only as there is no record of such seva being conducted in any other Temple across the World. Keshara Lepana literally means applying / smearing of Saffron Paste over Nirgun Padukas. The seva can be performed only through Main Pujaris of the Temple who will be performing it in the early morning hours on devotees behalf and the same prasadam is given to the devotee. This Keshar Lepan prasad is considered extremely holy and Most Important Prasad of Ganagapur as it is applied over the Nirgun Padukas. Devotees should get this Seva only if they are willing to follow certain restrictions like touching it only after Bath etc.

Panchamruta Purvaka Rudrabhishekam (Timing 7am to 2pm)

Rudrabhisheka is a Ritual of Worshipping Lord Shiva in his Rudra Aspect, in which a Shiva Lingam is bathed in water / milk which is continuously poured over it along with chanting of Vedic Mantra called Rudra Suktam (Chamakam and Namakam). It is hailed by all vedic scriptures as one of the Greatest Pujas. In this Abhishekam Substances like Milk, Curd, Ghee, Sugar, Honey etc are poured over the Shiva Lingam. The Seva is considered very important and quickly rewarding if performed at Ganagapur Siddha Kshetra because Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati Maharaj himself have explained the importance of Rudrabhisheka in Adhyaya 34th of Shri Guru Charitra. Main Benefits of Rudrabhisheka are Good Health and Longevity of Devotees performing it. Further Laghu Rudra Abhishek, Shata Rudra etc can be performed in Temple Premises if informed well in advance.

Note :- In both the above Sevas there is an interval of 1 hour between 12pm to 1pm as the Noon Puja and Maha Naivedya to Datta Guru is performed during this period.

Madhukari Bhiksha Annadanam Seva (General Timing 12 to 12.30pm)

“Vasati Rahani Sangamasi Jate Nitya Bikshese Taya Vare Ganagapurase Madhyana Kala Pareyasa“

In these Words Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati has given an Assurance to all his Devotees that he would forever continue to accept Bhiksha (in Disguise) at Sri Kshetra Ganagapur at Afternoon Time.
Just as the Nagara (Holy Drumming Ritual) starts in Dattatreya Temple at Ganagapur, one may see people start roaming from house to house for taking Bhiksha prasad. It is so beacause it is believed here that Lord Dattatreya himself comes in disguise at afternoon to take Bhiksha. Due to this reason it has now become a tradition at Ganagapur that everyone Visiting the Kshetra should be offering Bhiksha Annadanam to Some people atleast and also take bhiksha prasadam from minimum 5 houses.

In this whole universe, the creation and its progression depends upon food. Hence giving food to the devotees is more than attaining heaven.

Palakhi Seva (Timing 7.30pm to 8.30pm)

Another Special Seva that we get to see at Ganagapur Temple is Palakhi Seva of Lord Dattatreya wherein Utsava Murti of Lord Dattatreya is kept in Palakhi and there takes place grand procession by way of 3 Parikramas to the Temple. Various Bhajans are sung by the temple priests while the procession takes place. Devotees Performing this Seva gets rare opportunity to sit in front of Utsav Murti and get blessings by bowing down in front of Datta Guru.
Palakhi Seva at Ganagapur

Nandadeepa Seva / Deeparadhana

शुभं करोति कल्याणं आरोग्यं धनसम्पदः
शत्रु-बुद्धि-विनाशाय दीपज्योतिर्नमोस्तुते

This famous Shloka describes how prayers made by lighting a lamp (Deepam) brings Auspiciousness, Health, Prosperity and destroys inimical feelings. When we light a lamp , we cleanse our mind and free it from all the accumulated negativity in the form of darkness, ignorance, anger, greed, jealousy, hatred etc DEEPARADHANA should be done to purify our souls from Bad Karma and be one with the Supreme Soul.

The Seva is done for Ghee and Oil Deepas that are lit inside Garbha Gruha beside Moola Vigraha. This seva is done with Sankalpa on devotees name for specific time period like 1 Day, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month etc. The benefits of the seva are Peace of Mind, Sound Health, Longevity, Prosperity and overall well-being of Seva Kartas.
Sri Guru Charitra Parayan at Ganagapur

Shri Guru Charitra Parayan Seva

For the Followers of Datta Sampradaya Shri Guru Charitra is like 5th Veda. This Holy Grantham, which was written in 15th Century by Sri Saraswati Gangadhar, narrates the life history of Bhagavan Dattatreya and his 2 Avatars in Kaliyuga namely Shripad Shri Vallabha and Sri Narasimha Saraswati Swami Maharaj. Devoted reading of Sri Guru Charitra gives immediate results if done with complete faith. Reading of Guru Charitra by following certain Rules and Restrictions for 1,3 or 7 days is called Parayan.

The Parayan seva can also be done through a Brahmin if not possible personally due to any reasons. In this seva Sankalpam is done in the name of Devotee and his family members for any purpose like Health Problems, Santana Prapti, Kalyana (Vivaha Yoga), Job or Business problems, financial matters, court issues etc and after completion of Seva on 7th day Samapti Pujan is done by way of offering Naivedya, Performing Brahman Suvasin Bhojan and Annadanam.

For more details about Shri Guru Charitra Parayan Seva please click here

Sarva Seva of One Day

The Seva as the name itself suggests includes all Sevas of a Day including Paduka Maha Puja, Rudrabhishekam, Madhukari Bhiksha Annadanam, Palakhi Seva etc

Maha Naivedya Seva

There are few Sevas that are very unique to Ganagapur Temple only and which cannot be found in any other temple across Bharata Varsha. One such seva is Maha Naivedya to Lord Dattatreya at Nirgun Math. It is the Most Important one among the Trikala Pujas that are offered ever since Sri Guru kept his Nirgun Padukas at the Matham. Devotees who have a Long Standing Acquaintance with Ganagapur know about the Importance of this Seva. There is no Pakashala (Kitchen) at Ganagapur Temple for preparing Naivedya to God unlike in almost all other Temples. This is because it has now been a long tradition at Ganagapur wherein Maha Naivedya is prepared at the Houses of Hereditary Priests of the Temple according to Turn. The food (with Mandatory Pancha Pakvannam / 5 sweets Daily) is prepared with Complete Mental & Physical Purity and is brought to the Temple with Grand Procession. Along with Datta Prabhu in the form Nirguna Padukas, Naivedyam is also offered to Shaligramas, Chintamani Ganapati and Sanaka Adi Devatas. Maha Naivedyam and Noon Aarti generally takes place at around 12.30pm, only after which Madhukari Bhiksha Annadan seva begins around Temple. All Sevekaris (persons performing allocated seva at temple) are served food from House of Pujari having Maha Naivedya Turn for the Day.
Maha Naivedyam at Ganagapur Datta Temple
Satya Datta Puja at Ganagapur Temple

Sri Satya Datta Puja / Vruta

This puja / vruta was initiated by Sri Vasudevananda Saraswati (Tembe Swami) Maharaj who is considered as one of the Recent Avatar of Lord Dattatreya. He made Lord Datta worship popular in many parts of India by initiating such pujas and also his vast writings. This puja procedure is very similar to Satya Narayan Puja and was started by Tembe Swami Maharaj keeping in mind the Ishta Devata Principle. The Vruta book which contains 3 Main Stories is read out and Prasad Naivedyam is offered to Satya Datta. The Seva can be performed if informed minimum a day in advance.

Sri Datta Yagam / Datta Homam

Homa / Havans are generally considered very fast rewarding, bestowing upon the Devotee the Purpose for which Sankalpam has been done. In Datta Sampradaya Datta Yagam is considered an integral part of Lord Dattatreya worship. It burns off all Negativity and is generally advised for any kind of problem like Akhanda Lakshmi Prapti, Daridrya Nasha, Shapa Vimochana, Guru Bala / Krupa, Santan Prapti, Deergha Ayu Aroghya Prapti etc. Before performing any kind of Homa the Japam for that particular deity has to be completed as per the Sankhya (No.s) given in Shastras. Then a day is to be fixed after confirming the Presence of Agni for the Particular day according to Panchangam. Then Homam is to be performed following the Procedure. Devotees need to inform us well in advance if they wish to perform it personally as arrangements like informing minimum 4 Brahmins for Homam, Homa Samagri, Place for Homa etc are to be done in advance. To know Complete Procedure of Datta Yagam and information about all other Homas plz Click Here.

Other Sevas like Ganapati Homa, any kind of Navagraha Shanti, Maha Mrityunjay Homam and Brahmnical Practices like Javala / Mundan ( Baby's first hair removal), Upanayan / Mounji-Bandhana etc can also be performed at Ganagapur by informing us in advance.
Datta Yagam at Ganagapur Temple
Note for Online Puja / Sevas :- Devotees who are not able to visit Ganagapur Temple personally but wish to perform any of the above Sevas on their behalf can send us their details through Online Puja form or directly message us details on Whatsapp. Once the requested Sevas are completed, Prasadam shall be sent on given address by Post / Courier. Details required for Puja / Seva are (1) Names for Puja, (2) Gotram (Rashi, Nakshatra if known), (3) Sankalpam / Purpose of Puja and (4) Complete Residence Address with Pin Code for receiving Maha Prasad.
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