Sri Dattatreya Navaratra and Magha Utsav - Festivals / Pournimas at Ganagapur Dattatreya Temple - Special Darshan Puja at Kshetra
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Gopal Kala Palakhi at Ganagapur
Magh Pournima Mahapuja at Ganagapur
Datta Navaratra and Magh Utsav are one of the major festivals celebrated at Ganagapur Kshetra. Datta Navaratra, spanning 15 days, from Magha Shuddha Pratipada to Magha Pournima generally falls in the month of February. Akhanda Deeparadhana and special worship is conducted during Datta Navaratra. The 5 days starting from the Pournima are famous all over as Magha Jaatra Utsav and pilgrimage to Ganagapur during these days is considered very auspicious.

It was on the day of Magha Pournima (1st Day of Utsav) that Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati kept his Nirgun Padukas at Nirgun Math. Special worship and Keshar Lepan is done to Nirguna Padukas from 3am to 5am after which no one gets Darshan of Padukas till next day morning. Only Trimurti Darshan can be had this day from a particular distance.
The next day (2nd day), Magh Vadya Pratipada, is when Shri Guru proceeded to Srisailam for concluding his incarnation. It it is famous as Guru Pratipada as Sri Guru attained to his real state of Nirguna Parabrahma. There will be Yati Poojan (Worship of Saints) conducted in the Temple at around 3pm in memory of the puja performed to Sri Guru by his disciples at Srisailam before his Prasthanam to Kardalivanam. Many Sannyasis and Mathadipatis of nearby villages are invited for Yati Pujan. They are all worshipped and honored in the Maha Mantap of the Temple. Guru Pratipada is in particular considered as the day of Ganagapur Yatra and Datta Bhaktas from all over the country flock to Ganagapur kshetra on this day to quench their thirst for Datta Darshan. Special Annadan Bhandar by way of lunch to all visiting pilgrims is conducted at the nearby Keshav Temple complex on the banks of Chakra Teerth. The Annadanam continues for the next three days also. There will be No Palakhi seva conducted in the Temple from Magh Kr Pratipada to Tritiya.

On the Fifth Day (Last day of Utsav) there will be celebration of Gopala Kala marking the end of Magh festival. Special Dahi Handi program is conducted in front of temple at 12pm after which the Palakhi of Sri Datta Maharaj is taken to the nearby Rudrapada Teerth where all the visiting pilgrims take ceremonial Holy Bath which is famous as Avabhruta Snan. The Palakhi returns back to Nirgun Math Temple at 4pm where all the villagers and priest families welcome Sri Guru by offering Mangal Aarti.

Datta Paduka Poooja, Guru Charitra Parayana, 15 days Akhanda Deeparadhana and Nitya Annadanam are of Very Great Importance during these Days.
Yati Puja on Magha Guru Pratipada at Ganagapur
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