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Who is Siddha Muni

In Sri Guru Charitra We dont find more details about Sri Siddha Muni except that he was one of the direct disciple of Shri Guru. We see in Adhyay 13 that when Shri Guru was at Prayag he had many disciples among whom 7 are mentioned as chief disciples namely, Bal Saraswati, Krishna Saraswati, Upendra Saraswati, Madhav Saraswati, Sadanand Saraswati, Dnyanjyoti Saraswati and Shri Siddha. This is when Sri Siddha Muni first met Shri Guru.

And again he is mentioned randomly at some adhyays like Adhyay 16 when Shri Guru was staying at Parali Vaijnath and have sent all the disciples for pilgrimage but Siddha Muni says to Namadharak that he alone stayed with Shri Guru and also narrates the story of how a Brahmin was told about the Importance of Guru Bhakti. Lastly he is mentioned in 52nd Adhay when he says namadharak that 4 Disciples i.e Nandi, Narahari, Sayamdeo and himself had accompanied Shri Guru till Patala Ganga at Srisailam when Shri Guru was proceeding towards Kardali Vanam for concluding his Avatara.

Another interesting thing to note here is there exists a Village named Siddhanal near Ganagapur where, according to the local legends, Siddha Muni is supposed to have met Namadharak and hence the Name Siddhanal. The First 2 Adhyays were narrated at this Place because in Adhyay 3 it is mentioned that Siddha Muni takes Namdharak to Bhima-Amarja Sangam at Ganagapur and this can be seen in Shri Guru Charitra.

Shri Gurudeva Datt !

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